Thompsons Station Fine ARts Club

The function of all SCUBA's (Sub Committees with a Bank Account) is to support fund-raising activities and promote Thompson's Station Middle School. 

Fine Arts Chair:
 Lana Dobberfuhl-Music

                            Angela Overstreet-Theater

                            Jennifer Ensor-Art


Fine Arts Secretary:  Amber Perkins


Fine Arts Treasurer:   Kacy Pendergrass 


Purpose and GOALS

The purpose of the TSFAC (Thompsons Station Fine Arts Club) is to promote awareness and financial support for the arts within Thompsons Station Middle School.

The TSMS PTO would like to provide additional equipment for our Fine Arts department, including but not limited to lighting, sound boards, music and theatre equipment. We anticipate a need of approximately $20,000 in the Fine Arts Department.





We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generosity!

Dan and Lorraine Cash