Thunder Athletics Club

The function of TAC (Thunder Athletics Club) is to support fund-raising activities and promote Thompson's Station Middle School Athletic programs.


Athletic Chair:  Kelli Hendry 

                          Chad Bawcum



Athletic Secretary: Angie Magnino


Athletic Treasurer: Kelly Canseco


In order to complete these athletic facilities, the PTO will need to purchase bleachers for the sports complex field, at a cost of approximately $50,000, a storage building ($10,000) as well as relocating some of the fences($10,000) that were installed in the initial construction. Thanks to the generosity of Lyon's Chevrolet we have our score boards installed in the gym and on the way for the outdoor sports fields.  We are in the process of purchasing a lawn mower to maintain the sports fields but are still in need of many items for the up coming Baseball/Softball season to include: 


Baseballs/Softballs - $400

Drag Mat -$200

Nail drag - $500

Hula Hoe - $80

Field Rake - $200

Tamp - $100

Dry Line Marker - $200

Batters Box Template - $200

Sift Scoop - $40

Field Paint and Chalk - $500


We would like to have a scores table purchased for next years basketball season -$3000


If you are willing to purchase any of these items, have ideas for fundraisers or would like to volunteer some of your time, please contact us by clicking on the links to either of the Chairs above. 





We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generosity!

Dan and Lorraine Cash